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Architects advice to clients

  • Being open minded will improve your design always consider your practical needs before the look you want to create and be sustainable whenever you can.
  • Make sure you undertake a complete analysis of the site including services to the site and local authority listing/conservation requirements including any legal covenants.
  • Communication is the key to planning success support your application with clear information and talk to your consultant's neighbours and Local Authority before submitting.
  • Finding the right contractor for the job is key to the success of the completed project make sure you shop around and always look at previous work remember that the contractor you choose will be with you for a long time so make sure you get on.
  • Choose your finishes and fittings wisely you do not necessarily have to purchase costly items to achieve good design results so always be practical and don't let yourself be seduced by items which are not suitable to their application.
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